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New Beginnings

November 30, 2020

Writing is hard they told.

And they were right. There’s me, sitting behind the desk, sipping on a coffee and struggling to come up with a sentence.

Everyone has to start somewhere though. This is my start. And you’re welcome to join me on this journey as well.

What kind of journey should we expect? A hectic one, most likely. The journey of thoughts, ideas and insights. With a bunch of lessons learned along the way.

Journey, by definition is an act of travelling from one place to another. We’ve met and established our starting point. But what about the destination?

I don’t know yet to be honest. But I can give some hints on what to expect in the nearest future. I’m a software engineer astonished by recent progress in the industry. I love to see all the creative minds of the world creating new products that increase quality of our lives. And I want to contribute to that movement. By getting my hands dirty, by trying to create something new and sharing the process. By failing as well, so others don’t have to.

But most important, I’d like to make a lot of friends on the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with anything.

We’re sharing this journey, after all.

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